John Quinn cast in FATE: THE WINX CLUB SAGA a 6 x 60 mins Netflix Original Series..

Netflix is bringing the popular Italian animated franchise Winx Club to its members around the world in a new, live action young adult series. For the first time the popular six fairies will turn into real teenagers learning to hone their powers while living together in a magic boarding school.

FATE: tells the story of Alfea, a fictional boarding school populated by teenage fairies. Carving out a new space in teen genre storytelling, Winx will make fairies pop culture zeitgeist. It is a world of magic and monsters, yes. But also a world of real teenagers. Doing all the things you’d expect teenagers to do: making friends and enemies, partying, having sex, and of course… falling in love. Basically figuring out where the hell they fit into this world. It’s just that their world is a little different than the one we know.
Our focus in this world is a group of badass teenage girls – an ensemble of well-drawn female characters - sometimes they’re heroes, and sometimes they’re damsels. Sometimes they’re friends and sometimes they’re enemies. Imperfect, but real. A group of girls who start out as strangers and are thrust together in a strange school. They fumble with powers too wieldy to control and with things they don’t understand. But over the life of the series, they form an unbreakable bond as they find themselves, and grow into strong, powerful young women poised to reshape the supernatural world, and our own.

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