See Ericka Roe play 'Charleigh Brennan' in The Breadline Collective's play "SAY NOTHIN' TO NO ONE'" which will run nightly at 7.45pm in the The Project Arts Centre from November 26th to December 1st inc..

Preview: 7.45pm 26 November, €14
Matinee: 3pm 1 December, €14

Let us take you by the hand and we’ll tell you our story. We’re looking for ears here. Not a judge or a jury. It’s all gonna come out by the end of the night. But just keep it to yourself, yeah? Say nothin’ to no one…

Kian Harris is a career shoplifter. Charleigh Brennan is a career session moth. These two young professionals are bound together by a love of fashion and a yearning for escape. Now London is calling and they’re desperate to answer. The truth always gets out in the end… but will they?

Nominated for a Stewart Parker Award, SAY NOTHIN’ TO NO ONE is the rip-roaringly comedic debut play from TKB. The Breadline Collective have been electrifying Irish theatre, capturing and heightening the everyday theatricalities that we take for granted on the big aul’ stage that is Dublin City and it all started here…

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